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Spring44 Vodka 750mL

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Amazing clarity with a light reflecting brilliance. Initially slightly sweet, the aroma settles beautifully into hints of slate and rainwater. Nicely dry up front with an essence of grain. An amazing creaminess with a velvety texture and depth on the mid palate. Finish is long with a rye spiciness. Enjoy in cocktails, neat and on the rocks.

Spring44 is distilled 5 times from a proprietary blend of American grown grain. Unique virgin coconut carbon filtration produces a spirit of remarkable clarity and smoothness. All natural U.S. produced botanicals in our distillates. Spring44 products are blended with 100% Rocky Mountain Artesian Spring Water.

On a beautiful summer night two lifelong friends, Russ and Jeff, made their traditional hike to a virgin spring for a midnight drink under the stars. The tradition of drinking directly from the spring started when Jeff was a small boy. In 1969 Jeff's father purchased property in an extremely remote area in the northern Colorado Rocky Mountains that held the unique distinction of being completely surrounded by Roosevelt National Forest. Drinking from the spring at 9044' was always a coveted activity. The water so cold, so pure, fresh from the earth always tasted extraordinary and provided a visceral connection to nature. On this particular night, inspiration occurred. Russ exclaimed: "This is the best water on earth, it's liquid energy! Do you know what we have here?!"

And an idea was born. What if we could share this incredible resource with others and build a business that would provide a model for a way of life? They pondered that for a while. Then they created Spring44, after its namesake.

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