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Malibu Caribbean Rum with Lime Liqueur 750mL

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When you are ready for a beach cocktail while lounging in the sun, reach for Malibu Lime. Stemming from the famous Malibu line of Caribbean rum and coconut liquor, all Malibu liqueurs are produced in Barbados using sugarcane sourced locally from the Caribbean Islands. The new offering, Malibu Lime, is infused with coconut and lime extract, making this a perfect addition to any favorite rum drink. Enjoy a piña colada made with pineapple juice and Malibu Lime for a twist on a favorite tropical classic. On a hot summer afternoon lounging by the pool, try a splash of Malibu Lime in sparkling water poured over ice for a refreshing drink. No matter what type of coconut rum-inspired drink you choose to make, know that Malibu Lime is the perfect mixer that will bring a zing of refreshing lime to the drink.

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