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Facundo Exquisito Rum 750mL

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FACUDNO Exquisito Rum is a premium rum that is very delicate and exquisite by nature. As a very rare, balanced liquor, this barrel aged rum embodies the culture, music and fashion of Havana’s heyday, when nightlife ruled supreme and Cuba offered weary Americans a brief respite from Prohibition. Sublimely smooth and effortlessly drinkable, this dark rum gains its suave, sociable character from a hand-picked, premier blend of rums, ranging in age from seven to 23 years old. Many of the medium to full-bodied rums are filtered over activated charcoal before being aged in oak barrels. Following the aging process, it's finished in sherry casks, lending to an incomparably mellow profile with a smooth, warm finish. Sip this rum on the rocks or serve it in your favorite alcohol drinks. Please Drink Responsibly.

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