Stolichnaya "Blueberi" Blueberry Vodka 1.75L

Stolichnaya "Blueberi" Blueberry Vodka 1.75L - Crown Wine and Spirits

Stolichnaya "Blueberi" Blueberry Vodka 1.75L

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Plump ripe berries lead the nose, with blueberry blackcurrant and lemon fruits, and to the back, medicinal hint of juniper. The mouth feel is smooth and creamy, with a buttery grain character lifted by currant and berry and an aromatic note of eucalyptus.

All Stoli flavors use an infusion process to give them the smooth distinct character of Stolichnaya with natural flavor before the final filtration. Many other vodkas add artificial flavorings or sugar syrup to their existing vodka. Stoli flavored vodkas are a harmonious marriage of spirit and flavor, one that is uniquely Stoli.

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