Passport Scotch Whiskey 1.75L

Passport Scotch Whiskey 1.75L - Crown Wine and Spirits

Passport Scotch Whiskey 1.75L

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Amber in color. An aromatic sweetness which has a soft and creamy fruitiness and nutty aroma. Smooth, soft and creamy, with a subtle nutty flavour. A subtly smooth, smoky flavour A marriage of the finest. Passport contains a higher proportion of the famous Scotch single malts than many blends.

Glen Keith distillery was built in 1957 on the site of an eighteenth century mill. It became the ideal malt to form the basis for the blend of Passport Scotch. The creamy fruitiness of Passport Scotch whisky can be traced back to the heart of its blend - Glen Keith Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

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