Martell VS Cognac 750mL

Martell VS Cognac 750mL - Crown Wine and Spirits

Martell VS Cognac 750mL

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Martell VS is a high-end cognac, produced in the town of Cognac — the only place true cognac is made — in the department of Charente in France. The smooth and flavorful cognac's luscious and fruity notes and flavors of vanilla and citrus are paired with a slightly bitter undertone for a well-balanced drinking experience. With both woody and spicy notes, as well as the fresh flavor of pear, Martell VS tastes great on its own but also pairs well with popular mixers such as orange juice and triple sec. The hints of candied almonds and spices are reminiscent of your favorite baked goods, making for a well-balanced and delicious drink. With over 200 years of history at the Martell distillery in France, Martell VS is the perfect high-quality cognac to add to your favorite cocktail.

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