Martell Blue Swift VSOP Cognac 750mL

Martell Blue Swift VSOP Cognac 750mL - Crown Wine and Spirits

Martell Blue Swift VSOP Cognac 750mL

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Martell cognac was the first spirit of its kind available in the United States, arriving on the shores of America in 1783. Since then, Martell has achieved many firsts, including its Blue Swift bourbon-finished cognac. Thanks to the signature distillation process that removes impurity, the fruity Martell cognac absorbs all of the oak and vanilla flavor from the bourbon casks, creating a unique drinking experience. The smoothness of Martell Blue Swift makes it perfect for serving neat or over ice, and you can also use this cognac with your favorite mixer. Martell has been one of the world's leading producers of cognac for over 200 years. Thanks to high-quality ingredients and an intricate crafting process, the eau-de-vie created by Martell is the purest in the world. If you are looking for a smooth, flavorful cognac that you can enjoy every single day of the week, there's no better choice than Martell cognac VSOP, and for a unique twist on an old favorite, try Martell Blue Swift.

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