Malibu Caribbean Rum with Pineapple Liqueur 1.75L

Malibu Caribbean Rum with Pineapple Liqueur 1.75L - Crown Wine and Spirits

Malibu Caribbean Rum with Pineapple Liqueur 1.75L

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Combining two of the most iconic Caribbean flavors, Malibu Pineapple is a refreshing cocktail in a bottle. Malibu rum is known for capturing the flavorful essence of coconut in rum. This drink featuring Caribbean rum with pineapple liqueur goes down smoothly and has a sweet finish. Along with the taste of coconut, you can enjoy the tart and fresh taste of pineapple, all mixed perfectly for a spirit that goes well in all your favorite tropical drinks. As you sip your cocktail, you will feel as though you're transported to a Caribbean white-sand beach with palm trees swaying in the wind. Shake Malibu Pineapple with a few ice cubes and a splash of lime juice for a flavor explosion. it is a great drink to share with friends on a warm summer evening or to sip if you're in need of a tropical getaway for your mind and soul.

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