Krol Vodka 750mL

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Krol Vodka 750mL

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KROL means «King» in Polish, which is quite relevant to its status in the world of spirits. The roots of polish potato vodka production go back to the 1790s when they started to use this crop as the main component. KROL is crafted based on original recipes to maintain an honorable place on the potato vodka list.

Polish distillation tradition is so strong they even have a museum dedicated to its history. Located in the very center of Warsaw, it provides a great opportunity for guests of the motherland of most potato vodka brands - Poland - to get acquainted with the achievements of local distillers.

It was in the birthplace of the best Polish vodka where KROL team came up with the idea to create the drink based on the authentic recipe of the pioneers of this sphere. Having long years of the experience of Polish distillers behind its back this beverage is ready to conquer the shelves of liquor stores! Explore rich traditions of “The Land of Fields” through a bottle of KROL vodka! Buy one today, so we hope you’ll enjoy the best vodka experience!

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