Khor Platinum Vodka 750mL

Khor Platinum Vodka 750mL - Crown Wine and Spirits

Khor Platinum Vodka 750mL

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Khor Platinum is one of few corn-based vodkas crafted from state of the art silver filtration technologies. It is then passed through an intricate birch and alder tree charcoal filter system. This exceptionally precise process gives the Platinum a clean, balanced, and soft finish. Thanks to an optimal balance of all ingredients, Khor Platinum is perfect for making cocktails. The secret to our silky, smooth vodka? It boils down to our ingredients’ intrinsic qualities: the structure of water and the structure of alcohol. The premium Khor Platinum Vodka is made from the following premier ingredients: – 100% corn-based Luxe — a multi-distilled rectified ethyl alcohol – Artesian drinking water that passes 4 separate stages of filtration

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