Gilbey's Gin 1.75L

Gilbey's Gin 1.75L - Crown Wine and Spirits

Gilbey's Gin 1.75L

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Classic and bold, Gilbey's Gin is an exceptionally balanced London Dry Gin. Classic juniper combines with citrus and floral notes, creating a citrus-forward, clean, light, and dry palate. Each sip finishes intense but smoothly, with lingering orange/citrus notes. During distillation, gin’s flavor is introduced to the alcohol when it is in a vaporous form and made to pass through a "filter" of juniper berries, herbs and spices. Distinct juniper and citrus notes make Gilbey's a staple for cocktails like the classic martini and gin and tonic, or serve it with fruit juice or fruit soda for a fun and refreshing beverage. It became such a popular gin throughout the world that a license to produce it in the United States was granted in 1938.

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