Fifty Pounds London Dry Gin 750mL

Fifty Pounds London Dry Gin 750mL - Crown Wine and Spirits

Fifty Pounds London Dry Gin 750mL

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Fifty Pounds Long Dry Gin is a super-stylish gin, with smooth botanical and citrus floral notes rounded by a subtle tightness of palate, slight sweetness and gentle alcohol. It lands softly and at mid-weight in the mid-palate; there are no sharp edges save for little licks of herbal light and shade. Ideal as either a G&T or as a Martini base. It has enough character to keep even the most discerning Gin drinker interested.

Fifty Pounds Gin is produced in a small and legendary distillery located in the southeast of London, with a tradition of more than two centuries behind it. The method is carried out in a still manufactured by the legendary John Dore & Co Limited, in which a perfectly balanced, secret combination of herbs, spices, fruits and flowers, together with grain spirit (a neutral alcohol, previously distilled four times to achieve a greater purity) is distilled.

The resulting bottle-ready gin has an alcohol content of 43.5% – the ideal percentage for drinking – whether neat, with tonic, or in a dry martini. A higher alcohol content risks distorting the combinations and a lower percentage would rob the combinations of character. Only in this way is the unique & complex personality of Fifty Pounds achieved.

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