Cruzan Pineapple Rum 750mL

Cruzan Pineapple Rum 750mL - Crown Wine and Spirits

Cruzan Pineapple Rum 750mL

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Bursting with fresh pineapple flavor, drinking Cruzan Pineapple Rum is like sipping straight from a freshly-cut pineapple. Enjoy with any tropical-themed cocktail, especially with piña coladas. Try a Cruzan Pineapple Smash by muddling two grilled pineapple rings and adding one part each Cruzan 9 Spiced Rum and Pineapple Rum with one-half part fresh lime juice. Shake with ice and pour into a rocks glass topped with two parts soda water. Based in St. Croix and operated by the Nelthropp family since the early 1800s.

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