Cruzan Black Cherry Rum 750mL

Cruzan Black Cherry Rum 750mL - Crown Wine and Spirits

Cruzan Black Cherry Rum 750mL

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Featuring a fresh aroma, intense flavor of almonds, flowers, berries and a smooth finish, this rum is a special blend of quality Cruzan Rum and the essence of black cherries. Smooth, sweet and tart, Cruzan’s Black Cherry Rum perfectly blends cherry flavors with Cruzan's signature distillation process for a tangy and smooth take on your favorite cocktails. Try it with cola for a fruity Black Cherry and Cola or a Cruzan Mai Tai that’s bright as the summer sun. A Cherry Pop, combines Cruzan Black Cherry Rum with aged light rum and garnished with fresh lime wedges and cherries for a citrus, sweet and tart touch. Based in St. Croix and operated by the Nelthropp family since the early 1800s, every bottle of Cruzan Rum captures the unique spirit of the island.

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