Clase Azul Reposado Tequila 750mL

Clase Azul Reposado Tequila 750mL - Crown Wine and Spirits

Clase Azul Reposado Tequila 750mL

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Clase Azul Reposado is a symbol of the tradition and culture of Mexico. Made with slow cooked Blue Agave, our ultra premium reposado tequila is a unique and incomparable piece. The decanter’s traditional feathered paint design, its distinctive cobalt blue color, and the tequila’s original flavor make it an icon of the Clase Azul family.

Masterfully aged for eight months in bourbon barrels, this exceptionally smooth tequila is recognized worldwide as one of the best reposados.

The magic of Clase Azul is not limited to the quality of its tequila. It's beautiful ceramic decanters are molded and decorated entirely by hand by communities of Mexican artisans, making each one of them a unique piece.

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