Ballarin Cremant de Bordeaux Brut 750mL

Ballarin Crémant de Bordeaux Brut 750mL - Crown Wine and Spirits

Ballarin Cremant de Bordeaux Brut 750mL

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Ballarin is produced by Celene Bordeaux, a family-owned winery run by Francoise Lannoye and her daughter, Céline. In 1947, Maison Ballarin became the first winery to produce sparkling wine in Bordeaux using the traditional method. (Crémant de Bordeaux would not become an AOC until 1990.) The legacy of this historic house is preserved by Céline Lannoye, who purchased the winery in 2015. Her goal is to create world class traditional sparkling wines which faithfully convey the unique qualities of Entre-deux-Mers. Francoise and Céline also own and produce estate wines from right bank châteaux in Castillon-Cotes-de-Bordeaux, Puisseguin-SaintEmilion, and Saint-Emilion Grand Cru.

50% Cabernet Franc, 30% Sémillon, 20% Muscadelle

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