Bacardi Limon Rum 750mL

Bacardi Limon Rum 750mL - Crown Wine and Spirits

Bacardi Limon Rum 750mL

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BACARDI Limon Rum gets its name from the Spanish word for lemon, and offers the perfect blend of white rum and citrus fruits to transport you to a tropical paradise. Expertly blended for an intense flavor to create refreshing cocktails, this Limon rum uses BACARDI white rum to create a light base with a natural flavor and purified water for a delicious tropical drink. This gluten free BACARDI rum delivers fresh, crisp citrus aromas and a robust, full citrus taste for a flavored rum specialty that tastes like sunshine. When you have friends over for a fun night, this hard liquor pairs well with lemonade, coconut water or your favorite soft drink for a variety of cocktail drinks. BACARDI is the oldest and largest family-owned rum in the world. Please Drink Responsibly.

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